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Create a fake call, request help and let your loved ones watch over you discreetly - all in one place.

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People around the world, just like you, are being
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"I was coming out of the grocery store. I couldn't reach anyone for help, carrying my groceries made it difficult to look for someone to contact as I didn't want to stop walking and needed to stay alert. I CUE my friends to Track Me and within seconds I felt relief as I started being watched over. I even got 3 phone calls from people I know were near and one of them met me two blocks after I sent my CUE."

May P.

"I was having an anxiety attack at a dinner party and needed time and space to feel safe. I didn't want to alarm anyone as this happens once in a while and I can manage. I CUE a Fake Call from a close friend and use the call to step out until I was ready to return. I felt I was in control of the situation and it made me more confident."

Milton J.

"After using the CUE Safety I have realized the people in the app are the people I never want to be apart from. They are not only friends and family, they are the people I care for and people that care about me. Being able to connect and chat privately while sharing our location at all times has brought us closer. It makes us feel we can depend on each other at all times."

Jaime A.

"I CUE my Husband and family when my car broke down, I was far from home and didn't know the area. I was unsure of what to do, using the app allowed me to share my location and gave my husband enough time to call a tow truck and meet me. I felt safe as I knew I was not alone and that I would make it home safe. CUE helped me feel safe and protect my assets."

Rose R.

"I needed to drive my son to the hospital, I am a single mother of three. In the rush of things I was overwhelmed and couldn't think of all the people I will need to call to coordinate helping my son and ensuring my other two kids will be safe at home or if I needed to take them with me. I CUE my family and babysitter. They both got my location and while I was getting ready to leave I was able to send quick messages of what needed help with while I was on the phone talking to my doctor. The quick way CUE helped me to communicate allowed me to get to the hospital in time and have my father meet me there as well. I got my babysitter to help me with my children, I felt so in control!"

Ana C.

An empowering worry-free app for your world

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Here’s how we keep you safe.

Contact loved ones, discreetly

No need to type or leave the app - just use our Quick Messages and alert your loved ones if you’re in need of help

Create a fake call in seconds

Avoid and escape uncomfortable situations with a realistic fake call in just a tap, and customize it at any time

Send an SOS alert

Get emergency help by sending an alert to your trusted network, who can call emergency services for you and track your location

Be tracked by your loved ones

Quickly and easily ask your loved ones to watch over you in real time through the app, straight through the app

personal security app

We’ll find the safest route.

Find your way with peace of mind. Our map shows you the best way to get anywhere, from your daily commute to your next date

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