How CUE Safety works to keep you protected

Whether you’re going to the bar for a few drinks with your friends or heading home from a stressful day at work, you’re safer when you’ve got CUE Safety on your phone. Get it here.

personal security apppersonal security app

We worked hard in building the app from the ground up to protect you and the people you love. Here’s how it works.

Why we ask you to add a trusted network?

When you install CUE Safety, we ask you to add contacts and build up your trusted network on the app. By doing this, you’re protecting yourself by only sharing your location with the people you love and trust – and getting help when you need it most. You can do the same for them, too.

All of this means you can easily build a safe network with your friends and family.

How our map gets you around safely

By using the map feature, we work with Google Maps to show you the safest route – and provide you with an unparalleled option of safe routes wherever you’re headed. And if you feel uncomfortable at any point, you get a choice of powerful options to protect yourself from harm.

Why we added the fake call feature

Sometimes when you’re out and about, things can feel a little off. We wanted to give you a little comfort for those times when you feel a little uncomfortable but don’t feel unsafe. Whether you’re trying to avoid someone’s unwanted attention or diffuse an awkward situation – all you have to do is head into the app and tap – and we’ll send a fake call to your phone.

By empowering people everywhere to stay safe and protect themselves with the technology we already have in our pockets, we wanted to play our part in creating a world where everyone can get around safely. Get started with CUE Safety today – it takes just seconds to sign up here.

Staying safer on nights out – our top tips

We built CUE Safety to protect you and your loved ones wherever you’re going – and with a fake call feature, tracking for friends and family and a built-in map tool, we think you’re safest when you’ve got CUE Safety on your phone.

Heading out for a drink or two? Here are the top three ways you can stay safer when you’re heading to the bar with friends or on a date:

Stick with your group
Make sure nobody’s left on their own, especially if it’s late at night and you’re in a new area. By arranging taxis together and practicing safety in numbers, everyone should feel more comfortable – and if anything goes wrong, you’ve got help ready and waiting!

personal security apppersonal security app

Use the map tool to find your way
Whether you’re in a new part of town or you know the area like the back of your hand, our powerful map tool works with Google Maps to show you the quickest, safest route to get to your destination safely. Always follow sensible precautions and if in doubt, stick to the busiest and best-lit routes.

Keep your valuables hidden & close
Before you leave the house, make sure you only bring what you need. If your handbag or pockets are full of bank cards, keys and expensive items – you might become an unwitting target for opportunistic thieves. And you just want to have fun!

Let people know where you are
It’s super easy to head into the CUE Safety app, add a group and then let them track you if you’re in a dangerous situation or just feel uncomfortable.

Sign up for CUE Safety before you head out next time – and share the link with your friends to keep them safe too. It’s free to get started and takes just seconds to sign up.

personal security apppersonal security app