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Using CUE Safety

Here’s everything you need to know about using our app, from signing up to adding your trusted network.

Getting Started

+How does CUE Safety keep me safe?

The contacts you invite will be able to watch over you, quickly message, and call the emergency services – all from the app. Just invite them by selecting ‘Add people +’ > create the ‘Group Name’ > give us access to the on the button in the middle. Simple as that.

You can create as many groups as you like, from your closest friends and family to the group you’re with on a night out – the more trusted people you have, the safer your experience will be.

+How can I find the safest route to my destination?

You can CUE a safety route but selecting the ‘Directions Arrow’ on the bottom left of the screen and just type your location and destination, from there we will show your the high risk areas to avoid and route options for you to choose the one that you prefer.

+How can I create a fake call?

In the bottom right of the app, tap Settings > Fake Call Settings. From here, you can choose the person to “call” you and the length you desire. From here, you’ll then be able to receive a fake call from this person without needing to involve anyone else – giving you the power to exit an uncomfortable or awkward situation.

+Can I use the app for free?

Absolutely, we are committed to the safety of you and your loved ones. You are welcome to not upgrade- you’ll still be able to receive ‘Track me’ and ‘Help me’ requests from your network.

However, if you decide to support CUE Safety with a membership, you will unlock the whole app, giving you the ability to request help and keep track of your loved ones in real time.

Your profile and Membership

You’re in charge – here’s how to manage your profile and membership with ease.

Manage your membership

+Can I edit my profile?

Tap the bottom left icon of the app, where you can edit your photo, your email address, telephone number, and the groups you belong to.

You can even add a nickname for yourself and an avatar – just make sure the people you select to help you can make identify you easily in times of need.

+What is the membership cost?

I am glad you asked! we keep our cost at a minimum to give you the best service and access needed to keep secure. Here are our membership offers (link to main page where memberships options are shown)

+Do you share my personal information and CUEs?

We understand your safety and the people you have invited to help you are close to you, that all of them are part of your inner circle and group of people you want to keep near and safe. You can trust we are on your side. We will only use the your information to improve our App and the emergency services that will allow you stay safe.