Here is how we
keep you safe

Innovative technology that helps families and your loved ones keep safe in the simplest, fastest, most reliable, and discreet way. Peace of mind and making your community a safer place is our goal.

Protection that matters.

Once you’ve added your trusted network, tap Request Help in the app and we’ll let them keep an eye on your live location whenever you need them to

I CUE a Fake Call from a close friend and use the call to step out until I was ready to return. I felt I was in control of the situation and it made me more confident.

Milton J.

Get a fake call.

For when you need to avoid an awkward or uncomfortable situation, take charge and set up a convincing custom fake call in seconds

Send and SOS alert.

Send a request for help and your love ones will be notified instantly. We will let them track you, call emergency services and send directions to your in seconds.

I felt safe as I knew I was not alone and that I would make it home safe. CUE helped me feel safe and protect my assets.

Rose R.

Your love ones will watch over you.

Ask them to watch you and they will be able to track you in real-time on a map to keep you safe

The safest route anywhere.

Our map shows you the safest way to get there, wherever you’re going

Being able to connect and chat privately while sharing our location at all times has brought us closer. It makes us feel we can depend on each other at all times.

Jaime A.